Forschungsraum / Raumforschung

diploma Forschungsraum-Raumforschung /// Babelsberg, Potsdam, Germany

The task is to design a building fit for professional scientific use, but also inviting to laymen, to take an active interest and broaden their knowledge on the subject of modern science. The location is Potsdam and its well known Astrophysical Institute, where new instruments are developed and built
and research is conducted on the night sky. Our aim is to make science available to a wider public, providing an opportunity to get more familiar with the many diverse aspects of astrophysics. There are several rooms specially contrived to that end, like the planetarium which can be used alternatively as projecting room for seminars, the student laboratory and the room for trainee scientists. As central meeting area serves the space in between the parcelled rooms, which is kept intentionally large to accommodate a thorough exchange between the different parties working at the institute.

year: 2007; 10th semester; team: Eva Greiner, Korinna Zechner