Schindler Award

Schindler Award /// Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France

The competition task of the Schindler-Award 2006 consists in making Paris’ Palais de Tokyo more easily accessible for people with disabilities, while establishing an exhibition concept for and creating a link between the existing museums. Our answer to that challenge is a large ramp made up of individual modules as basic concept for the Palais. It connects the bridge-level with the new entrance on the side of the building and the one on the front, situated 20m higher. On the inside it leads the way through the exhibition. The entrances are marked by modified containers that also serve as tools for storage and moving of the modules. The ramp possesses the qualities of a landmark, and can be used for other non-accessible museums, temporarily as well as permanently. The modules have different features that correspond respectively to the inside of the building as to the outside, according to the programme and demands of the Palais de Tokyo.

year: 2006; 9th semester; team: Eva Greiner, Christine Brückner